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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Everyone

What we offer:

Two adults Brazilian Jiu Jitsu sparring

A program inclusive to everyone from the working professional who enjoys martial arts training, all the way to the hardcore Jiu Jitsu competitor.  Women, Men, and advanced teens are in this class. 

A women’s only class is a great medium for tailored self-defense instruction.  A female Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner will learn to deal with size and strength in a safe and effective way. Our women’s only class has launched under Coach Mel!

child in gi with Living Art Brazilian Jiu Jitsu logo

Children stand to gain the most benefit from Jiu Jitsu in our technological age.  It is important that young people are presented with dynamic physical problems which will help them build strong bodies and sharp minds.

Our Mission:

We aim to provide quality Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instruction that is inclusive to all people of any ability level.  We create an environment where a person can realize their physical potential and use the lessons learned on the mat as a tool for self defense as well as for overcoming any adversity life presents.  Training with us will not only make you competent at Jiu Jitsu, but will also enrich your life off of the mat.

What is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a martial art that embodies the ideal that through proper technique (positioning, leverage, timing, use of strong muscles vs. opponents weak muscles) a smaller/weaker person can successfully defend themselves and dominate a larger and stronger opponent.  It is a grappling type martial art which means that we do not practice strikes.  The basic frame of the goals are to:

The Benefits

Jiu Jitsu is as cerebral as it is physical and is often compared to chess.  The benefits of any challenging discipline can be found through Jiu Jitsu including but not limited to:

But I'm too (out of shape/inflexible/tired/old) to start Jiu Jitsu

Even if you are in “great shape”, Jiu Jitsu will likely make you feel like you are out of shape.  If you feel like you’re in terrible shape, Jiu Jitsu training will help make that better.  Your strength and mobility will make incremental improvements with the scaled challenges put forth by the coaches.  The best age to start training is whatever age you currently are.  Don’t have the energy? You’ll be surprised how invigorated you feel by adding this kind of exercise to your weekly routine. 

Technique Conquers All

Child arm barring an adult

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